June 28, 2007

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The challenge

May 25, 2007

  This is the Path. The Path leads to the Challenge. The Challenge. Many have fallen victim to the Challenge.  Most failed, many cried.  Gallons of tears dripping off the Edge.  The Edge.  The Edge is worse than the challenge.  On the Edge lives the Man.  The Man.  The man made the challenge.  So, go to the Edge, find the man, and ask him to do the challenge.  The man will try to discourage you.  If he does, ask him to do the challenge.  He won’t.  He can’t.  He’ll cry.  Don’t cry.  Finish the Challenge.  Shut the Man up.  After you put the man back in his place, don’t go back inside the Edge.  It will consume you.  Just take your blue ribbon and wear it proudly.  That will show the Man.

The stench

April 15, 2007

 It was a damp night. Too damp by the smell of it.  The smell could even burn the freckles off of a red-headed step child.  Something like old gym socks with decaying mice inside, and then someone sneezed on the mouse.  Anyway, while George was busy ralphing from the smell, Larry knew what he must do.  He had known for weeks, months maybe, that if he didn’t do it, that it would be the end.  The end for so many helpless saps like George and his family.  Saps.   So with reluctance he reached his hand down into the Hole of Death.  Not knowing if when he brought his hand out, his hand would still be there.  Then suddenly he stopped.  He ralphed a little himself.  Then he pulled the object out that he knew would end of all the suffering, the suffering and the ralphing.  It was no bigger than a tennis ball.  Soft and slimy from the dampness, Larry almost dropped it back into the stench pit. That would have sucked.  So he gripped it all the tighter.  Then, much to Larry’s amazement at his strength, it popped.  Gross, just horribly gross.

The End

Where am I?

April 14, 2007

Hi everybody. I don’t exactly know what i am doing here, so I’ll just start treading water. Mostly, this is just to get the hang of this blogging thing.  It is very confusing at parts. I will leave you with a short story:

   One day a dog named fido picked a bone up from off the ground. He was the most happy dog in the world. He took the bone home and buried it, then forgot where he put it so he drank some water.